Avoid Contractor Scams – 5 Signs that You’re Getting Ripped Off

flushed dollars Don’t Throw Your Hard Earned Money Away!

When you’re in a real jam, you don’t always have time to thumb through the yellow pages looking for the right plumber. You need to find someone quickly, but how do you find the right plumber and yet still avoid getting ripped off?

We’ve put together a short list of 5 Sure-Fire Signs of a Contractor Scam to aid you when searching for and working with any service company.

1. Scare Tactics (“Your water heater could explode any minute!”)

Avoid contractors that look for problems rather than solutions. Sentances starting with “if you don’t replace this now, then…” are an easy way to back you into a corner. Look for contractors that give you some real options instead of leaving you frightened for your life.

2. Verbal Quotes (“Sure I can fix that, just $1,000… or so…”)

Make sure you get a firm price in writing that completely details the work that is to be performed. Avoid any contractor that takes a quick glance at a large project and instantly has a number without any diagnosis.

3. Upfront Payment (“Pay me now, and I’ll be right back to do the work…”)

An honest contractor will complete the work and make sure you are completely satisfied before collecting the payment. Don’t pay for anything until the job is done to completion.

4. Intentional Damage (“While I was working I noticed this large hole in your…”)

It’s not uncommon for poor quality contractors to intentionally cause damage in order to sell you the repairs. Make sure you take a thorough look at your problem before calling a contractor, and ask them to explain to you exactly what it is they are doing before they start.

5. No Warranty (“Read the Fine Print!”)

If you get a quote that doesn’t mention or offer some kind of guarantee, be wary. If they don’t stand behind their work, you can bet there’s a reason. Any new installation should have the option of an extended warranty.

So stop flushing your hard earned money down the toilet!

Take advantage of the tips above and know where you’re money is going. Support local, upstanding businesses that stand behind their work and offer strong customer service. In the end, use your best judgement, and don’t be afraid to consult family, friends, or other contractors when you’re unsure.

When in doubt, call Call Earl’s Plumbing and we’ll walk you through your problem from start to finish. Got a non-plumbing issue? Call us anyway! We might be able to recommend someone trust worthy and save you some headache.