Reverse Osmosis Filtration

Clean drinking water from our reverse osmosis filtration systems. Call, text, or schedule online for a free quote. Also offering reverse osmosis filter service and replacement.

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Reverse Osmosis Filtration

Reverse osmosis removes contaminants from unfiltered water when high pressure forces it through a membrane to provide clean drinking water. The system consists 2 pre-filters and a membrane which do require annual service and replacement. We offer both installation and filter servicing. We can even set you on a yearly replacement plan so you don’t have to worry about it! We typically install a point of use unit at the kitchen sink for cooking and whole house filter to treat the rest of the home. Call, text, or schedule online to a free quote. We can also do a water quality test so you know exactly what is in your water. reverse osmosis filtration
  • Pure Water: Water coming through your R/O system is almost completely free of dissolved solids.
  • Taste the Difference: R/O water has no odor and tastes great. It’s completely clear, and safe for you and your family.
  • Quality that Lasts: Purified drinking and cooking water for years to come (see table below).

Typical Reverse Osmosis Contaminant Removal Rates

Aluminum 86%
Arsenic 94%
Barium 96%
Bicarbonate 90%
Borate 30%
Bromide 87%
Cadmium 96%
Calcium 94%
Chloride 87%
Chromate 86%
Chromium 96%
Copper 98%
Cyanide 86%
Detergent 97%
Ferrocyanide 98%
Fluoride 87%
Herbicides 97%
Insecticides 97%
Lead 97%
Magnesium 96%
Manganese 95%
Mercury 96%
Nickel 98%
Nitrate 80%
Pc Bs 97%
Perchlorate 96%
Phosphate 96%
Potassium 87%
Radium 80%
Selenium 94%
Silicate 85%
Silver 93%
Sodium 87%
Spores 99.9%
Strontium 96%
Sulfate 97%
Thiosulfate 96%
Zinc 98%

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