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Water Softener Installation and Service water_softener Hard water is water that contains a high amount of minerals, most commonly magnesium and calcium, and more than 85% of American home’s have hard water! Hard water chemically inhibits the effectiveness of soaps that you may use on a daily basis. Instead of producing a cleaning “lather”, the calcium in your home’s hard water binds with the sodium stearate, the main ingredient in soap, creating Soap Scum! This will leave a film most noticeably on dishes and shower doors while reducing your ability to clean properly.   Magnesium and calcium come together in your home’s water supply to create a solid, which is referred to as “Scale”. You will typically see this Scale as a build up of off-white deposits. This build up will eventually restrict flow in your home’s plumbing as well as appliances, leading to premature failure and costly repairs. The solution?  

Get Rid of Hard Water With a Whole Home Water Softener

A whole home water softener can remove
  • Say “Goodbye” to Hard Water: Water softeners remove Calcium and Magnesium, the most common hardness minerals, from the water supply to your whole house. This effectively stops the build up of scale, extending the life of your dishwasher, water heater, coffeemaker, clothes washer, and any other household item that utilizes water. Typical water softener systems use a form of ion exchange to bind magnesium and calcium in exchange for sodium ions.
  • Feel the Difference: The removal of calcium and magnesium effectively removes the possibility for soap scum to form, allowing the key ingredients in your soap to do it’s job without leaving any residue. Dishes will be cleaner, towels and lines will be softer!
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