A Few Quick Lawn Care Tips

It’s still hot (and getting hotter), and the stress can be felt everywhere, including your lawn and home garden. Many folks take their lawns for granted, but your grass will appreciate some TLC if you know the right tricks. We’ve compiled three tips for keeping your grass in the green throughout the summer.

lush_green_grass1. Water Less Frequently

This is a simple but tricky tip many home owners don’t know. Of course grass needs water to stay healthy, but over watering can do more harm than good. The rule of thumb: water heavily and infrequently for maximum health.

2. Mindful Mowing

Mowing frequently and keeping about 2-3 inches of height is the key to allowing great water absorption. It also allows roots to grow deeper and keep out weeds.

3. Eliminate Standing Water

Standing water can lead to contamination from bacteria and fungi, and can also cause damage to the underlying root system. If you see standing water, there’s either a natural dip in the ground or and underground plumbing leak. Be sure to investigate any strange pooling before it starts to kill your grass.

P.S. – Earl’s specializes in leak detection and line locating, so don’t hesitate to call for help!