Six Great Travel Ideas

Summer is screaming by, but it’s not too late to plan a relaxing getaway from the pressures of daily life. Whether you’re needing a personal holiday or a furlough with the family, coming up with a worthy travel destination can leave you feeling a bit stumped. We’ve come up with some fun and simple ways to ensure your vacation is something to remember.

1. Seek Watersandy_beaches

We’re in the thick of our summer scorcher, and though nature has been kinder this year that in some in the recent past, even adults will agree that the best way to cool off is getting soaked! The Pacific Ocean is unforgiving, but its about as cold as you can get for little more than a westward trip. Other options include taking advantage of our abundance of near by creeks, lakes, and swimming holes, or if the kids insist, there are a handful of nearby water themed amusement parks to get some liquid relief.

2. Find Cultural Centers

America is a melting pot of culture, and both coasts have something totally different to offer. In California we’re blessed with authentic Mexican delights, exquisite Thai cuisine, gourmet Indian dishes, and killer sushi that’s the real deal. Besides this, there is a plethora of artistic and musical energies flowing through the west. San Francisco is a great example of a concentrated cultural vortex, with folks from all walks of life offering their skills to the community. You can find some amazing bands, visit some of the largest museums in the world, or just spend the day walking through the neighbor hoods and soaking in the beautiful and ornate decorations of homes and shops that represent a minute tribute to that culture’s roots. (I wonder if there’s an “American Town” district in any major city overseas?)

3. Serenity Now

Sometimes you just need some peace and quite. Often lounging around the house still exposes you to the stresses and worries of modern living. Luckily, serenity is not far in any direction. The peaceful crashing of ocean waves on a lonely beach, the rustling of ancient redwoods in the breeze, the endless expanse of the desert – these are all great locations to meditate and escape the world for a while.

4. Distant Relatives and Old Friends

A great excuse for taking a vacation is to go see someone! Besides the obvious perk of having a place to stay when you get there, reconnecting with your past is often a surprisingly powerful way to relieve stress from your life that you may not even know is there! The resolution obtained from catching up with the outskirts of your family tree or high school buddies can bring an amazing about of peace and calm with you when you return home.

5. The Unknown

Try something new! Go to a new place, eat an exotic, try skiing or surf boarding or mountain climbing – just get out there and do it! These trips are the ones that go down in history, and you might find a new hobby along the way!

6. The Journey There

It’s been said many times that the in any endeavor the journey there is more important than the destination. This is doubly true for family vacations! Being crammed in a small vehicle for hours on end is enough to make everyone cranky, and that can put a serious damper on the whole trip. And you’re going to do it all over again on the way back, when you’re most likely totally exhausted from the trip! But planning a scenic route and taking it slow getting to your destination can significantly improve the quality of the whole journey. Plus, when you stop to smell the roses, you never know what else you’ll find.

Before you drop everything and go…


  1. Check your irrigation system (and make sure it’s on!)
  2. Look for leaks and drips that might turn into a nasty welcome home present
  3. Turn off the AC and the lights
  4. Empty the fridge of perishables like milk and leftovers
  5. Call Earl’s for a once over on potential plumbing issues