Don’t Get Heated – Some Tips to Keep Your Cool This Summer

blazing_sun June is here, and that means sun, sweat, and a week or two of triple digit heat here in the North Valley. For those of us in the area, staying cool isn’t just a passing comfort, it’s a necessity! Here are some simple tips to beat the summer super heat:

* Open the windows in the evenings when it’s cool and close them in the morning before the sun comes up. Will will stop the daily heatwave cold in it’s tracks.

* Hit the water. We’re blessed with a ton of rivers, lakes, and swimming holes perfect for a quick dip or taking the guys out for some fishin’!

* Plant trees around your house. Providing shade to your home will increase it’s ability to fend off the pounding heat of the sun during those cloudless scorchers.

* Drink plenty of water. This is a simple one but often overlooked. Besides the practical implications of fighting dehydration, your body also uses stored water to cool off. (Ice cold water is somewhat less hydrating than lukewarm water)

* My personal favorite: cook outside, eat salads, and enjoy some cold treats (aka frozen fruit, smoothies, or better yet, ice cream!). Keeping the kitchen heat outside will let your house stay cool and a little more tolerable.

When shade just isn’t enough, use the advice above to keep your home somewhat livable. If you need advice on your AC system, we’d be happy to extend our professional recommendation. Or if you need help with your swamp cooler, irrigation system, or swimming pool supply lines, give us a call and we’ll send one of our friendly technician’s to your home for a free assessment.