Where Do They Put the Water Heater On The SpaceX Rocket

FB Image - Where Do They Put the Water Heater…And why you should definitely care. (Whether I’m right or wrong, I’ll give you a $20 gift for reading this.)

Okay, that question may not keep you up at night. But, in our business, it matters. Turns out, the upcoming manned flight of the SpaceX Rocket (revolutionizing rocket-powered exploration) will have plenty of hot water, but no water heater anywhere… just instant hot water without the tank.


You’re thinking, “Oh, like I need space technology in my home.” Well, everything else has been changed by technology. Now the tankless water heater has been refined, improved and gotten far more affordable. (Yes, the first ones were fittingly priced to the moon.) Look at what you can get:


  • Instant hot water. Literally, right when you turn on the faucet.
  • Plus, you don’t run out of hot water. It heats on demand, so it can’t run out! And it’s the same temperature – it doesn’t go from “cold” to “scalding”. Much safer.
  • Quit paying for hundreds of gallons to go down the drain while you wait for heat.
  • Plus, another bonus that pays you back in cold, hard cash…

You know how “stop-and-go” driving consumes twice the fuel as the same miles of highway driving? Same thing here. Your water heater goes ‘off’ and ‘on’ each time you want hot water. You pay to re-heat the same water, over and over! But with tankless, none of that happens. 

So, you save water, save energy dollars, increase space, increase comfort and eliminate an item prone to failure – then why haven’t you heard about this before?  Two reasons –

  • Most plumbing companies don’t provide tankless water heating. Not exactly rocket-science, but absolutely not for amateur installers either. And maybe a little because of this 2nd
  • They don’t mind getting paid to repair your big water tank and all the parts that can fail. So, no bonus to them to even learn about “going tankless.” Not us.

See, we consider it a bonus if you’re more comfortable and save money, too. That’s our job. Just fill out this form online, email us at schedule@earlsplumbing.net or give us a call at (530)343-0330 now for a free, no-obligation Water Heating Analysis. We’ll promptly tell you all about this remarkable tankless system and how much you can save by throwing that old tank away.

And ask us to send you the $20 gift – whether you want an appointment or not – and it’s yours. And there’s no obligation on that either. Just fill out this form online,, email us at schedule@earlsplumbing.net or give us a call at (530)343-0330 now.