National Bath Safety Month 2019

NAtional Bath Safety Month

Keeping You and Your Duckies Safe

January is National Bath Safety Month! Here are some tips for preventing bath related injuries:

  • Prevent slips and falls with an anti-slip mat.
  • Grab bars are wise choice for the young and old alike – shower doors and towel racks are not strong enough to prevent slips!
  • Scalds are burns caused by hot liquids or steam – make sure your tub/shower has a pressure balanced valve (remember in the movies when they flush the toilet and the person in the shower screams? This prevents that).
  • Scald guards can automatically shut off the water if it is too hot – further preventing scalds.
  • Check your shower and tub for sharp edges.
  • Test the water temperature before showering or bathing.
  • Keep toiletries within arms reach to prevent slips from over extending yourself.
  • Fill the tub before entering and check the water temperature before entering or placing some one else in the bath.

Stay Safe!